Image: Bruno’s Sign Mock-Up

Image: Bruno’s Actual Sign

Image: Bruno’s Actual Sign


For over 69 years, Bruno’s Schools have maintained a prestigious reputation within the global beauty community. Their renowned curriculum has been licensed to numerous organizations worldwide. 

In 2022, the school faced a significant transition when the President and long-standing visionary, who had owned the institution for more than five decades, passed away. Subsequently, the school was acquired by one of its former students. However, over the past 30+ years, there had been no updates to the school’s location, branding, or marketing efforts. Their marketing assets were limited to an outdated website and some online SEO targeting hairdressing and cosmetology-related keywords and phrases. 


The new owner recognized the need for a rebranding and relaunch of the business to breathe new life into its outdated appearance. With the new location scheduled to open in just 60 days and no established brand, marketing strategy, or promotional initiatives in place, swift action was imperative. They required a complete overhaul of their branding, including a fresh logo, two street signs, and marketing materials. Additionally, an effective online strategy was crucial. They also sought guidance on planning a remarkable grand opening event but lacked direction on where to begin.



To address the branding needs, we engaged in several creative consultations with the client, resulting in the development of various logo concepts. The client selected their preferred version, and we proceeded to create all the necessary marketing materials aligned with the chosen brand identity and corporate objectives. 

Website Development and SEO strategies

Recognizing the inadequacy of their current website platform, which relied on outdated technology and offered limited data analytics, we opted for a new, visually appealing website theme tailored specifically to the cosmetology field. The revamped website featured cutting-edge technologies, including on-page navigation, advanced parallax effects, and a range of plugins to enhance SEO, scheduling, and anti-spam protection. 

Blogs and Student Resources

To maintain online traffic and engage with key target audiences, we produced a series of SEO-optimized blog posts catering to three distinct personas: New Canadians, High School Graduates, and individuals considering a career change. These blogs were based on the most frequently asked questions about cosmetology according to Google searches and were tailored to different stages of the sales funnel: top of the funnel (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU), and bottom of the funnel (BOFU). 


Press Conference

We meticulously selected a date 60 days in advance for the media launch, coinciding with the unveiling of the newly renovated location. Capitalizing on the new owner’s inspiring personal story as a former refugee who endured hardships fleeing Afghanistan due to the Taliban, we crafted a compelling rags-to-riches narrative that spanned four press releases, with the initial release serving as the introduction to the heart of the story. 

For Nearly 70 Years Bruno’s School of Hair Design has been an international leader in providing exceptional quality instruction and experiences. Upwards of twenty-thousand graduates have graced the halls of Bruno’s Schools.” 

Community Outreach

Throughout this process, we reached out to politicians at various levels of government, resulting in several citations and awards for the business. Additionally, we extended invitations to government and community representatives to attend the media conference, while also maintaining regular follow-up contact with the media. 


On Thursday, August 18, 2022, Bruno’s School of Hair Design launched to a full house of current and former students (in the middles of August, no less), media professionals, and government officials. The press conference featured esteemed speakers such as the President of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, local partner organizations, and successful past students who had gone on to establish prominent salons and cosmetology businesses. 

The new website has increased traffic by more than 50% and Bruno’s has the highest enrollment and completion rates than any other cosmetology school in the Province of Ontario, Canada.  

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