Hamilton Sport & Fitness Multiplex


The owners (consisting of a former Hamilton Tiger Cat and two former Canadian and World martial arts champions, one of which was the team Canada Karate coach) had leased a 100,000 square foot former grocery store in order to launch what they felt was a much-needed Sport & Fitness complex in east Hamilton, and located directly in front of the city’s busiest traffic circle. More than a million dollars went into the renovation, along with many failed attempts at a grand opening.


With only 3 weeks prior to the event, the owners had just secured an exclusive autograph signing at their club with boxing legends, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and Larry Holmes. With the facility still under renovation, the concern was that no one knew that these boxing greats were set to arrive and the owners had no idea how to get the word out.

The Solution

With a limited budget, our team embarked upon a marketing, publicity and social media campaign based on the newsworthy strengths of both the Boxing Legends, as well as the profiles of the owners.

Immediately we developed a campaign where we branded the event as a “soft launch & open house”, while playing on the community’s curiosity of the renovations of the building that have been ongoing for months.  The campaign included a media release, new, professionally written profiles for each of the three owners , several marketing pieces which included a postcard “invitation” (link to invite, remove underline) that was mailed to residences within a 2 kilometer radius, on-site event programs and a 45 foot banner that ran across the top of the building. We also invited representatives from all levels of government, all of whom accepted.

The Result

The event received several publicity articles in print, free radio promotion, social media awareness and a 5-minute segment on CHCH at 6:00pm & 11:00pm (and was broadcast across all of Ontario http://www.chch.com/new-sports-multiplex-one-month-away/. There were nearly 1000 people in attendance, with introductory speeches from all levels of government. This provided the company with enough momentum to sign up new registrants and eventually complete the renovation and host their own grand opening shortly there after.

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