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Mastermind Agency Website Launch Special

Complete Digital Sales Funnel Set Up and Maintenance

If you have yet to develop a content-based digital sales funnel for your business, then you are leaving money on the table.

By developing an automated online sales funnel, you will have customers and prospects visiting your site regularly, coming back for more content and driving them deep into your funnel.

What is an online Digital Marketing Funnel?

A digital marketing funnel is defined as the actions that a user will take while on your website that will convert him from interest to prospect to a customer.

By updating your content weekly, and adding trackers, analytics, and automated triggers to your website, and supplemented by an email campaign, your prospect will essentially ‘sell himself’ and go deeper into the funnel. This is generally combined with a content and advertising strategy where all of your leads are fed into a CRM and/or automated marketing apps such as Hubspot or ActiveCampaign.

The stages of the sales funnel include Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, and Retention.

If you have yet to read our Digital Marketing Page, we strongly urge you to read it now, before continuing on this page.

Sales Funnel Packages

All packages include posting directly to your website. We recommend a 6-month campaign to truly scale up your business. 

Based on a recommended minimum ad spend of $500/mo

** Sign up for any one of our marketing packages online and receive 10% off of our already discounted package – receive a call from one of our consultants within 24 hours and if you aren’t interested, cancel within the following 24 hours. Click here for details (see below for package details)

SEO Enabled Content

Buy one of the following website and receive content updates for 50% off! Content will be uploaded to your site upon your approval, to drive traffic.

    • Platinum $999 – 1 SEO enabled blogs per month Reg: $495, Today 2 for $495 – see our samples
    • Diamond $1499 – 2 SEO enabled blogs per month Reg $999, today $499 – see our samples

SEO Content Writing Only

    • 500 words $249 (Reg. $499)
    • 1000 words $449 (Reg. $999)
    • 2000 words $899 (Reg. $1895)

More About Our Sales Funnel

Blogs and Knowledge Base – We will provide articles and Blogs that will entice readers who are already looking for your product or service and who are already shopping or considering a product or service like yours.

Over the next 6 months, we will build you a library of content that will continue to drive traffic to your website for as long as you keep it posted. These are SEO-enabled (link to SEO SECTION), based on the keywords and phrases that you wish to rank for, and during the first 3-6 months, you can expect to see steady increases in your web traffic.

The idea is to showcase your company as an expert authority in your field with a deep wealth of experience and knowledge.

Throughout the article, we will include relevant links to other parts of the site as they get deeper into your material, as well as links to authoritative resources supporting our subject matter. We can also include tables, charts, infographics, polls, and quizzes to spur engagement and collect the email addresses of your prospects.

Each written piece created will include an official SEO score, word count and checked against plagiarism.

Landing Page copy – We can rewrite your copy with SEO to ensure that you leave your competition in the dust when it comes to online ranking.

Reports – Each month you will receive a report outlining how our efforts have impacted your business. This included:

    • Total monthly traffic / YTD traffic
    • Total monthly leads generated / YTD leads generated
    • Best performing blogs each month /YTD
    • Top entrance pages
    • Top Exit Pages
    • Strategy for next month

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