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The Art of Keyword Mapping: A Comprehensive Guide

The Art of Keyword Mapping: A Comprehensive Guide

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Content Marketing To Drive Sales

Content Marketing To Drive Sales

As a business owner, you likely have a website and social media pages but have not updated any of them since going live. You use the internet daily; you connect with friends on social media and you know that you need to do more if you intend on growing your online...








Media Coverage






What are your PR / Communications objectives?


We have earned hundreds of pieces of publicity in print, radio, television, and the internet for our clients throughout several decades, as our portfolio so beautifully highlights. As public relations professionals, we have established relationships in several industries and markets across southern Ontario, Ontario and throughout Canada and the United States, some dating back to the 1980s. For those markets where we do not have connections, there is a good chance that we know someone whose expertise can connect us to the people we need to know. If not, our experience in relation-building says it all.

Whether you have a story to tell or have to deal is Issues Management, our PR firm has the right team to work with you. As your digital marketing agency

partner, our strategy (or digital strategy) starts with consulting. We need to know your story and will perform the necessary market research, graphic design, creative required to ensure campaign success. Here are some types of communications and public relations that your business or organization may require.


Strategic Communications

All PR efforts should be considered strategic communications, it’s the basis of all PR. Understanding an organization’s needs and coordinating strategies to accomplish those objectives is where our expertise lies.


Media Relations

Depending on your campaign, much of our work in any campaign starts with a press release, which tells your story and communicates your positive message. Journalists are always looking for great stories and require a consistent pipeline of content to fill their pages and airwaves. By positioning your story and laying it out over several media releases, combined with competent follow-up, quite often yields campaign success.

Companies and firms require trusted solutions to get their message out and using a PR firm with established contacts in the media, will go a long way.


Community Relations

This often involves direct relations or engagement with a community. This could involve a local community within a municipality or an online community. For example, a new local fitness facility that is about to open and they are wishing to target the local fitness community, runners, swimmers, cyclists, and just about any athlete.


Internal Communications

Your employees are your biggest assets and as such, should be your biggest champions and advocates. Ensuring past and present employees remain loyal, motivated, and happy is vital to a company’s reputation, especially when wishing to attract top talent. Developing to proper, strategic internal communications program that keeps staff engaged, will go a long way to making them feel like a valuable individual within the company.


Crisis Communications / Issue Management

An effective communication plan includes an issues/crisis management plan, which includes preventive measures as part of your ongoing communication plan. It is not enough to simply bring in a team once the crisis has occurred, but instead, always be prepared. With regular, ongoing communications with company stakeholders, as well as the media, allows for better communications when a crisis occurs.


Public Affairs

Since 1997, Mastermind has worked with all levels of government on a variety of campaigns. If your organization needs to make inroads into municipal, regional, provincial or federal governments, you can bet we know someone who can help achieve your goals.

Online and Social Media Communications

Whether you own a restaurant or an e-commerce store, poor testimonials or comments on social media could make or break a company. Your reputation is valuable and you don’t want to lose even a single customer. Building trust through customer reviews and testimonials will go a long way to helping you build your sales. Too many companies ignore these critical efforts when they can be easily managed cost-effectively. When someone disparages your business or provides anything less than a 4-star review, we will follow best practices by taking the conversation offline, satisfying the client, and asking them to repost or update their review.

If you are dealing with issues management, we can craft the right response for you, while also sending our message to the media and relevant bloggers and websites to get your message out.

If you are a marketing manager looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner that will not break the ban, check out our PR portfolio and then book your free, no-obligation consultation.

Business or Product Launch

If it is a campaign launch you are looking for, we like to take a longer-term approach and tell your story over several chapters, or as we say, press releases. Our efforts should tie into your other digital marketing strategies. Email marketing, social media, and digital advertising all should come into play.

PR firms do much more for small businesses than simply provide media servers. We can supply you with brilliant creative and reach out to the media within your industry. By taking full advantage of digital marketing in your campaign we can track and measure all of your success.

By telling your story over a few media releases, combined with effective and competent follow up with certainly create awareness for your product or service.

Branding & Storytelling

Perhaps you are a long-standing local business and you are facing new and improved competition and need to remind the public of your rich history, or perhaps an IT company that has grown internationally and now wishes to tell your story of success to the industry.

You know your brand best and it is our role to understand and follow your guidelines while developing a positive digital strategy. Companies need to declare their values so people can align themselves with their brands. There are many avenues to find creative ways to get your message across to your desired target audience.

Having worked with such strong brands as Rogers, Steam Whistle Pilsner, Corus Entertainment, Bell Media, Vitamin Water and LG, we understand and respect your brand guideline.

Check out our case study where we converted a tired old brand, with 50 years in the community and turned this pub into a heritage jewel, allowing the owner to sell the company


News and Media Coverage

Journalists and news organizations are constantly on the lookout for fascinating stories and a big part of our work is to ensure the stories we represent are in fact, fascinating. Our decades of experience in this area is why we have accumulated such a large array of publicity in our portfolio. Being creative is what we are all about, so when we contact the journalists and news media that we have relationships with, you can bet that your press release will get read and considered. If we feel that we cannot do anything for you, we will tell you upfront and likely provide some tips and recommendations to come back to us when you are ready.


PR newswire services

Newswire services are great because the people who work there are extremely knowledgeable, allowing us to develop your strategy ensuring that your message goes out to a wide spectrum of media outlets nationally, while also tracking its success and KPIs.

No Obligations

We are here to support your efforts and have access to offices across Ontario and beyond to support your campaign. As a consulting agency, we pride ourselves on completely understanding your business and goals. As public relations professionals, we adhere to the recommendations and guidelines set out by the International PR Institute, while also following Canadian Standards and Practices for journalism excellence.

If you are a Marketing Director, VP or Manager, General Manager, or business owner, we have the experience to provide a successful strategy for your campaign. Please feel free to view our publicity portfolio and then book your free no-obligation consultation.


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Content Marketing To Drive Sales

Content Marketing To Drive Sales

As a business owner, you likely have a website and social media pages but have not updated any of them since going live. You use the internet daily; you connect with friends on social media and you know that you need to do more if you intend on growing your online...

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