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1. Understanding your business thoroughly
2. Understanding who your customers are
3. Measuring & Nurturing the customer journey

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What are your social media goals?


Increase Awareness




Customer Care






The starting point to achieve any trackable measurement in social media starts with your goals, followed by your demographics.

Do you know what your goals are, exactly? Measurable KPIs?

If you are like most business owners or Marketing Directors, you are looking for a trusted partner that can help build your social strategy and nudge prospects into your digital sales funnel.

Choosing an established digital marketing agency to provide you with a social media service will give you a solid social media presence. Digital marketing strategies often interconnect and you want to ensure that your digital marketing agency utilizes all of the tools it can to ensure your social media achieves marketing success; whether it be social scheduling to CRM integration to SEO.

What can a business use social media for?

With a social media team, combined with the right social media platforms, your digital marketing efforts can be used to:

      • Increase Brand awareness with new prospects
      • Develop brand loyalty from existing clients
      • Conduct business to business ad campaigns
      • Find qualified leads
      • Get more leads
      • Find social media influencers to rep your product or service

Determine your target audience

To achieve your business goals, you must ensure that you are targeting the right audience, or else your efforts are for naught. If you have been posting but your social media performance has been lackluster, you could be hitting the wrong target audience. All of our social media marketing packages include an initial comprehensive social media audit. If you don’t know the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your current online followers, that would be a great place to start (and we can handle it all). If it is determined that you do not have enough followers to achieve your business goals, we will recommend run some targeted social media ads.

All of the Social media networks provide social media advertising services and you can run a short social media campaign, such as a content boost, with a low ad spend to gain followers. This can be achieved for anywhere from about seven cents to seventy cents, depending on your target audience and your goals. Once you feel that you have enough followers, you can step up your content plan.

For further information on social media advertising services like Facebook ads, please check out our SEM/SMM page for details.


Strategic Social Media Content

The rule of thumb for social experts is developing your social media calendar to include 70% value and relevant content, 20% shared content, and 10% promotional content. The number one rule is to keep your social media posts relevant.

While many companies will distribute their social media posts across all of their social networks, and if your goals are to simply have a social media presence where you can use it for customer care and community management, then that is fine. However, if you wish to achieve some of the goals listed above, you will be required to hire ‘so-called’ digital marketing experts (that’s us :).

You have likely heard the term, ‘Content is King’, social media marketing companies know this to be true. Every time you or someone you know clicks a like, heart, applause, or any other ‘reaction’ button, that network compiles it in your profile and package it in categories such as demographic, interests and behaviors. Then they sell it to marketers and businesses.

This is why each post should have a purpose, whether it be brand loyalty, education, lead generation, all depending on where the prospect is in the customer journey. Social media is only a piece of your digital sales funnel, therefore your strategic content must be laser-focused.

Different social platforms each have a different target audience. For example, Instagram is ideal for businesses that can display rich visuals and are targeting a younger crowd of Millennials and Gen Z, while Facebook targets Gen X and older, along with Millennials, to a lesser extent. Then you have the beast we call Tik Tok. If you want to talk TikTok, book your free consultation and prepare to be wowed.

Content Pillars and a Social Media Marketing Plan

The content you develop and the way with which you execute your social media campaign will determine your results. This is why having a social media marketing plan or map is the only way to go. Much of it starts with your content pillars. For example, if you are a mortgage brokerage, you want to ensure that you engage with your audience about first-time home buyers and HELOC and demonstrate your authority by producing, robust, relevant content that your audience can consume via your social media pages.

Content Topic: Mortgage and Credit

Pillars: First-time home buyers, HELOC, Commercial mortgages, etc.

The pillars also have sub-pillars and these are all sub-topics that can be used as part of your overall content marketing strategy and ensuring all of your copy is SEO-enabled.

Because different social media platforms offer different demographics and audiences, you will want to adjust your content for each platform in your social media schedule. Your marketing strategies will be developed for each of the specific social media platforms.

There is an entire science to building proper content, please visit our Content Production website for more details.

Make a Big Impression

When we launch our social media strategy for you, we will take your followers by the proverbial collar and awaken them with our formidable content.  If you have an existing base of followers and you are not achieving the engagement you expect, then we must wake them up.

Creativity Unleashed Equals Engagement

Our deep reservoir of social marketing talent guarantees you relevant and well-researched posts. We do not simply just fill a content calendar but develop a creative and effective campaign, backed by data science. We can use a variety of tools such as video, polls, infographics, contests, and news sources to drive your results. We don’t just think outside of the box, we rebuild the box from the ground up.

Copy and Graphics

Understanding the psychology involved in converting a prospect on your website or social media is the key to extraordinary results. Teasing, nudging, and drawing out promotions will build loyalty and provide a positive experience for your followers.

We love using bright, colorful images that say something to the user. Combine this with the perfect SEO-enabled copy and you have a post that speaks to emotion, while gently guiding them deeper into your digital funnel. Our writers have extensive experience crafting stories for a variety of different industries and we will ensure that your content is written from the perspective of one that understands your industry.

Brand Guidelines

Whether you are a restaurant or an IT company, we represent your values as a corporation and want to speak in your voice. By working with you, understanding your business, we are able to represent your voice and champion your values online.


Results oriented social media service

Social Media Calendar

The basis of any successful organic social media marketing campaign is to build a great social media calendar. By using social media management tools, we are able to develop and program your social media, typically 30 days in advance. These highly useful tools and apps allow for monitoring, analytics reporting, engagement, and social channel integration, and then some.

Just because there is a social media schedule in place, does not necessarily mean that your campaign has to be rigid, at any time we can add or remove posts as situations change.


Social Media Advertising Spend

Many of our social media marketing packages include at least one ad spend per month, generally to boost one or two of the better posts, or perhaps a blog, to get traction and build followers. Complimenting your organic search with ad campaigns is a wise idea. Social media advertising services can be very cost-effective, especially if you are using them semi-regularly to attract new followers. If you are looking for more immediate, qualified leads, then a separate ad spend would be in order. The rates for a social media advertising campaign differ for each of the social media channels.


Understanding Your Business, Your Industry

As content marketing specialists, we have worked in all kinds of industries, including:

      • I.T. (Information Technology)
      • SAAS (Software as a Service)
      • Music Marketing
      • Recording Studios
      • Music Festivals
      • Fairs and Expos
      • Event Marketing
      • Restaurants and Concert Halls
      • Credit and Mortgages
      • Real Estate
      • Fitness
      • Trades (Landscape, Concrete, Contractors, Plumbing, Electrical)
      • Sports, Training and Martial Arts

We will have an in-depth consultation with you to determine a consistent, effective strategy to attain specific benchmarks. We will develop a consumer or buyers profile with you that outlines the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your intended audience.

Upon determining clear and attainable milestones, we would look at the demographics of your existing followers to determine if they match your goals. If they do not, then we will develop a strategy to build your followers with the right audience.

When consumers are on social media, they want to be engaged, this is why you will always have a dedicated social media account manager as your administrator.

Results oriented social media service

Social Media Services for Business

We have a suite of standard social media marketing packages available, along with our Boundless custom option. All of our content is 100% original, plagiarism-free and we have a deep reservoir of royalty-free images.

If your business requires a social media marketing campaign for engagement, awareness, sales, conversions, or customer service, please book your free no-obligation consultation with the Mastermind Agency, and one of our managers will be more than happy to assess your social media needs.

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