The Legendary Corktown Pub


We were approached by the owner (one of the founders of Casey’s, East Side Mario’s, Prime Restaurants) of this authentic Irish Pub and Legendary live music venue and tasked with the project of turning the business around in order to make it more appealing for sale. He had recently fired the old management and hired all new management, yet the venue had dismal sales and was drawing the wrong type of crowd
with their lower-priced drinks specials.


Within 30 days we developed a small team to implement a dual-pronged strategy: we developed an entertainment program that included booking and negotiating dozens of performance contracts while marketing the venue with its rich live music history, coining the still-used phrase, “More than a Million people have walked through our doors and more than 10,000 bands have graced our stages since 1931”.

Immediately we pushed it out to their more than 5000 facebook friends and subscribers, as well as our own; and began engaging their patrons on social media.

The Result

Within the first 30 days, revenues increased by nearly tenfold with the resurgence in business. The owner was able to sell the venue in within three months, which was the original goal, and the buzz we created caused a stir locally. Read all about it here, and here.

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